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Feedback from the Communication Census allows us to map perceptions from the Team Members (blue) as compared to Management (green).

Reverse Quiet Quitting

We don’t need to tell you about the cost of hiring the right person, training them, and getting them to a point where they are fully productive. And when that process is further complicated by toxicity in your workplace the challenges are even greater. This is in addition to the challenges of retaining and motivating your existing staff. These issues can only be addressed by upgrading the environment that causes quiet quitting in the first place. It starts with identifying and quantifying the problem.

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Our Communication Culture Census will clearly show you three critical elements of your corporate culture; what your management team thinks, what your working team members think, and what the gaps are between these two important perspectives.

This sobering exercise is your first step to taking action on quiet quitting. James Lauber and his team have delivered our leading-edge HotButton Solution programs for over 10 years. As a bonus to you, for downloading our latest eBook, we offer you the opportunity to speak directly with James and get started with leveraging our Communication Culture Census to expose toxic problem areas in your workplace.