Can you deal with a problem if you’re not even aware of it?

Of course not!


Are there people who seem blissfully unaware of their impact on other people? Or how they make others feel, whether in the workplace or not.

Take impatient self-absorbed commuters for example. Does it seem like some people just don’t care about anyone other than themselves?

When confronted by these people, or by their beliefs, whether out loud or perhaps on social media for example, do you get frustrated? Does that frustration distract you? Do your experiences with these people get in the way of your preferred happy path through your day? 

It boils down to the basics. Are they self-aware? Are they situationally aware? Are they aware that other people’s perspectives matter? Do they even care?


And if they don’t care, should you care enough to let them disrupt your day or your pursuit of your goals? Although it may not seem like a direct cause and effect, how you internalize other people’s attitudes and actions is a form of communication, in this case, your internal communication with yourself. When that internal communication becomes disruptive it is in your best interest to manage it in order to minimize its impact on you.

This is just one of the many benefits that come from learning about the subtleties of communication. It’s in the basics.

Much of it is semi-conscious, and is therefore not so easy to detect and manage if you are not fully aware of it.

And that is why awareness matters.

One of the big benefits of being aware is that it leads to observations. Observations lead to questions, which leads to becoming informed. And being informed leads to being empowered to choose how you internalize things. And that provides you with more options about how you choose to respond.


We specialize in laying out for you these subtle impacts by providing you with a deep understanding of how the seemingly complex weaving of human communication is actually very easy to decode. And decoding communication or becoming aware, gives you tremendous power over what happens around you and how much it affects you.

It truly is a fascinating and empowering journey.

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