Culture, especially corporate culture, tends to be misunderstood. Culture is organic. It grows among people. And it is influenced by leaders.

Leadership’s role is to lead by example with messaging reinforced by behaviours. Team members’ role is to echo management’s lead with their own reinforcing behaviours. 

And that is what many organizations struggle with, the behaviours part. For culture to work, you need both leaders and team members to understand the impact of their behaviour on the organization’s culture. 

For many, recognizing their impact on the organization’s culture does not come naturally. But it does come willingly when leadership presents and reinforces by example the importance of individual behaviour. 

This is why training is key. Culture is tied directly to how people communicate with each other, and interacting to create change is a skill. Most people will happily interact better with each other when provided with the skills to do so. It’s human nature. It’s a key part of our shared survive and thrive instinct. 

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