Training is Critical

Global Edition Solution Starting March 6, 2023


Can you influence others, control your surroundings, and have a greater impact on your world?

Yes, you can! And our mission is to provide you with solutions to dealing with problems that are impacting you, and others

Global Edition Online Course

The solutions are surprisingly easy once you know what the sources of the problems are, but can be profoundly challenging if you don’t;

    1. understand what motivates people’s behaviour
    2. have some basic tools to manage people’s behaviour when it impacts you


There is no shortage of issues in the world.

But, more importantly to you, there’s no shortage of issues that are affecting you directly.

At different times those issues may be at work, may be at home, or may be just in dealing with the world around you.

That is why we have developed the HotButton Solution programs. And that is why we deliver our programs in different formats, for different unique environments.


Launch date March 6th, 2023

We have packaged our proven corporate basic training program so that anyone anywhere can benefit.

Our new program offers live group sessions, quizzes, workbooks, and a series of short learning videos.

This program is both invaluable and desperately needed. Whether you’re interested in this program for your personal benefit or for your organization, the insights in this program will change your ability to impact your world for the better.


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Question 1 - What is covered in the course?

Modules 1 & 2 focus on the external, and internal, factors that disrupt people’s ability to communicate well with each other

Module 3 focuses on the mechanics of how people interact with each other and how to redirect emotionalized states to encourage de-escalation of tensions

Module 4 provides specific tools and techniques to manage daily stressors

Question 2 - How long is the program?

The program will span 4 weeks with one module per week and includes;

  • 4 module introduction video calls – 30 minutes each
  • 4 module wrap-up and Q&A video calls – 45 minutes each
  • a total of 37 short video lessons – ranging from 2-5 minutes each
  • a blank workbook for you to take your own notes in
  • a pre-filled workbook so you will have a full set of notes
  • 11 short quizzes, at the end of each section, for you to test your knowledge
  • an invitation to participate in our continuous improvement program
Question 3 - Can I share my discount code with a friend?

Yes, all of your benefits may be extended to your guests by having them sign up for the “Paying it Forward” newsletter. 

Question 4 - Is there a live version for my whole team?

Yes, we have a number of programs, including;

  • Live interactive in-house classroom sessions
  • Live interactive video call classroom sessions
  • A One-on-One video call series and self-directed learning videos version 
  • Communication Culture Census only engagements
  • Mastermind custom-tailored follow-up sessions, either live or on a video call
Question 5 - What’s the Communication Culture Census all about?
  • It is used to anonymously measure your staff’s perceptions of your corporate culture
  • All responses are administered remotely to guarantee anonymity 
  • We guarantee no individual identifying information is provided to anyone
  • Responses are grouped into Staff and Management categories
  • Results reporting are averaged and will indicate clear corporate culture issues
  • Averaged results reporting highlight Staff vs Management perception variances
  • In addition, deeper analysis and follow-up actions plans are available
Question 6 - What are the proven results?
  • The proven results are always unique to each group of unique individuals
  • Common outcomes are;
  • increased team spirit, support, and group performance
  • decreased tension and stress within and between groups and individuals
  • greater ease of recruitment, and employee retention
  • clearly visible personal stress management benefits 

The insights are surprising. Understanding defense mechanisms, and how to deal with them has been a great benefit. I am so much more effective when using the approaches I learned in this workshop

Emile Salem


The workshop was fantastic, it brought my team together and explained to them the different ego states. Which they have been using on a regular basis in the work they do. Thanks to James and his team, they were awesome. I highly recommend this workshop to companies looking to engage their employees in understanding conflict resolution. It makes for a better work environment with less toxicity.
Kumar Saha

Place Home Care

The insights in this workshop were very beneficial to the companies’ teams that I work with. As a consultant, I work with a variety of small businesses, helping them to increase employee engagement and reduce stress levels within their teams. The team leaders I work with, have found it helpful to understand and deal with the defense mechanisms of the employees on their teams and encourage proactive communication. I highly recommend this training.

Tanys Coughlan

CHRP, Twillow Consulting

The Hot Button workshop is a must for any manager and their team. It provides tools and tactics to both, that help with dealing with difficult and emotionally charged situations and will go a long way to creating a cohesive team and a collaborative work environment.
Bernard Charlebois


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The history of GraftOn-SST dates back to 1995. We have presented the Hot Button Workshop for many years since. Our internal surveys show a high level of satisfation in our courses.

We feel confident that if after completing module 1 you do not think this course is for you, let us know and we will refund your purchase.