Of course all organizations what better results, but how does workplace culture fit into the equation and how do you measure it? 

To begin with, frame it from your team members’ perspective, because that’s where your workplace culture lives and grows.

For you to measure your team members’ perspective, try asking them these 3 questions:

  • Do you have to deal with frustrations at work?

  • When things don’t go well, does anyone blame others?

  • Do you ever sense hidden agendas?

These are the kinds of questions you need to ask in order to see how your workplace culture is impacting your teams and your organizations results. Put bluntly, every sour interaction affects team performance and team performance directly impacts results.
Now, how do you positively impact workplace culture is the next important question.


To get to the answer, consider what a “normal” corporate culture looks like;

  • Performance measurements

  • Jostling for power and influence

  • Generally, management is watching

Now what would a healthy corporate culture look like;

  • We work together as a team to reach our common goals

  • Every team member plays an important role in producing our desired results

  • Generally, a prime objective of management facilitating best possible outcomes

So how does your leadership express those healthy corporate culture intentions to your team members? And, more importantly, how do your team members manage their own interactions in a way that facilitates that leadership intention?The answer to both of those important questions is training. Why? Because understanding and managing intentions and reactions is a skill. And that skill is not focused on in most traditional education. 

Facilitating your development of your unique healthy corporate culture is what we are focused on with our Hotbutton Solution programs.


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