Our Workshops

With James Lauber’s HotButton Solution, GraftOn-SST offers a training program where individuals, friends and family members learn to apply communication and human behavioral theory to real-life scenarios.

This workshop is based on our online self directed workshop for business. The reality being that human behaviour principals apply to your personal life interactions in exactly the same way they apply to workplace interactions. It’s not who your interacting with it’s how you’re reacting to your surroundings and how people are reacting to you that makes all the difference.

We also provide in person video call module reviews to answer any questions you may have and you help you with your communications culture building and maintenance experience.


Many training companies neglect to consider the pandemic, with impacts including work from home, increased stress, and even cultural tribalism. Although you cannot control these external events, you can control how you react, and even prosper, in spite of them. You just need to recognize the reality and get ahead of the curve. Importantly, our programs also help you to help others.

Our History

The history of GraftOn-SST dates back to 1995.

We were founded as an ERP consulting firm offering business analysis, 4GL (Progress) programming as well as database design, development and maintenance services.

In later years the company’s focus transitioned to large scale I.T. project management contributing to multiyear multimillion dollar projects in the manufacturing and distribution and software as a service (SAAS) sectors.

More recently there has been an increased focus on training. Our niche is to provide experiential workshops on the powerful impacts of communication culture as it affects performance, stress and relationship management. The learning applies equally well to both working and private lives.

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